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Providing the champions of United Hebrew residents a place to share, learn, and advocate.


You will notice that the name of this website is BecauseWeCare.LIVE--not .com, or .org--because helping our seniors LIVE , and live well, is the primary reason for our Council and this site. We all met through one common bond--the people we love are residents of United Hebrew Geriatric Center, and each one of us decided to make his and her voice heard as a member of the United Hebrew Family Council.


Through our own experiences with our aging relatives and/or friends, we all arrived at the same conclusion: our loved ones need loving advocates to help assure that they LIVE as vibrantly and happily as possible. 

Even in the very best of eldercare facilities, the residents need someone to support them and act on their behalf--especially when their medical state does not allow them to speak for themselves.  Sometimes, even if they can speak out on their own, they are hesitant to do so, fearing reprisal or ostracism, if they do.  Factual or not, this is a common perception shared by many seniors.


This is why they need each and every one of us to speak and act with their best interests at heart--BECAUSE WE CARE!

Read the Family Council Mission Statement here.


Services aims to be a "one-stop source" for the families and friends involved with the care, companionship, and advocacy of seniors currently living at United Hebrew Geriatric Center. provides:

  • An email address to which members can send their concerns, observations, suggested meeting agenda items, and other information, which will remain anonymous.

  • Informative articles, including a blog. Feel free to write a guest blog post, or suggest ideas!

  • Links to helpful resources.

PLEASE NOTE: All family members and friends of the Residents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Family Council and this site, regardless of whether you can attend the meetings in person.

New York State requires facilities to allow the formation of a Family Council, and also provides requirements that the facility must meet to support the Council. Read more here

***This site and its content are managed independently of United Hebrew Geriatric Center and any of its affiliates. Consequently, any messages, opinions expressed, or other content do not necessarily reflect those of United Hebrew Geriatric Center, its management, employees, partners, or affiliates, nor are they intended to represent any of those entities, organizations, or individuals.***

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